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New product: CIMac™ Adeno Analytical Column

The new CIMac™ Adeno-0.1 Analytical Column is a column perfect for process analytical technology (PAT). PAT is a system for analysis and control of manufacturing processes that measures critical quality parameters and performance attributes of raw and in-process materials. It enables in-process data to be used for assessing the quality of a batch during manufacture, significantly reduces the need for finished product testing, and as a result, improves lead times. A mechanism to design, analyze and control pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of critical process parameters (CPP) which affect product quality attributes (CQA). Read more about the column...

BIA Separations attends the at 4th Annual Vaccine Congress

Last week BIA Separations attended an IMAPAC event, the 4th Annual Vaccine Congress which took place in Hyderabad, India from March 4 to March 6.

At the event the latest directives in the vaccine industry were presented and discussed, topics of quality and affordability of vaccines were raised as well as unavoidable reduction of production costs.

The event had also a charitable note. For each participant one child in Cambodia will be enabled to attend school for a period of one year.

Social responsibility

Instead of sending Christmas Cards BIA Separations has decided that in this times of crisis, best wishes and regards to business partners and friends can be expressed electronically as well. Money saved by doing so, was donated to children from the local school in Ajdovščina. To show us gratitude, children from age 6 to 8 years old, prepared some beautiful coffee cups.