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CIMac™ C4 HLD-0.1 Analytical Column (HLD Butyl) (Pores 2 um)

CIMac™ Analytical Columns are intended for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of large proteins, plasmid DNA, viruses, virus-like particles, and phages. They were primarily designed for the in-process and final control of various samples at different stages of the purification process. They can be operated at high volumetric flow rates (from 1 to 20 column volumes/min); therefore, the information about the product quantity and purity can be obtained within a few minutes. CIMac™ Analytical Columns are fast and reliable PAT tools, providing:

  • Rapid, high resolution analysis, achieved in minutes
  • Flow independent separation
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility
Catalog number: 110.8136-2

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