Leaders in monolith chromatography


Revolutionizing Biotherapeutic Discovery and Production

D. G. Glover, M. Barut, A. Podgornik, M. Peterka, A. Štrancar

BioProcess International, Oct 2004, 58-63

The sequencing of the human genome and the rise of proteomics have increased the numbers of potential therapeutic targets. Biotechnology companies need to increase productivity, decrease discovery and production costs, and use technologies that easily transfer across departments if they wish to remain competitive. The most important tools are those for separation (purification) of target substance(s). They should be easy to use and offer an identical performance and purification profile no matter where they are implemented — in discovery, production, or quality assurance (QA).

CIM Convective Interaction Media short monolithic columns are just such a unifying technology. Produced in shapes and sizes from microliter to liter scale, they represent an evolutionary approach to meeting biochromatographic separation requirements in research and product development. Able to withstand 1 M NaOH with no loss of capacity or resolution, these easily scalable columns have been optimized for analysis and cGMP production of complex biomolecules ranging from oligonucleotides and plasmid DNA (pDNA) to proteins and viruses.

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