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CIM® IDA-Cu Disk (Iminodiacetic acid - Copper) (Pores 1.3 um)

CIM® IDA-Cu-0.34 mL is a shallow, disk-shaped monolith with a column volume of 0.34 mL. It is predominantly suitable for initial screening and method development. The CIM® IDA-Cu-0.34 mL disk needs to be inserted into a housing and is immediately ready for use. IDA-Cu (iminodiacetic acid-copper(II) complex) is an immobilized metal affinity ligand (IMAC) with preloaded copper(II) cations. As such, it is ready to use for the purification of histidine-tagged proteins and proteins with high lysine content.

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Catalog number: 210.3011-1.3

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