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Axial versus radial flow

CIM® monoliths are available as disk-shaped or cylindrical-shaped monolithic columns. CIMac™ Analytical Columns and CIM® Disks (belonging to the CIM® line of products) are the disk-shaped types. All other monolithic columns of the CIM® line (CIM tubes) and CIMmultus™ Disposable line are cylindrical-shaped monoliths.

Both types of CIM® monoliths are based on the same sophisticated CIM® monolithic technology and exhibit equal and interchangeable chromatographic performance. Their only difference: the flow direction principle.
CIM® Disks are shallow, disk-shaped monoliths, mainly intended for initial screening and method development. Together with CIMac™ Analytical Columns they are operated in axial flow, as it is also common for typical, particle packed columns.

Figure: Axial flow of CIM® disk

CIM® tubes and CIMmultus™ Disposable columns are cylindrical-shaped, ready-to-use elements with volumes from 1 mL to 8000 mL. They cover the complete range of your needs: starting at 1 mL for process development and lab scale purifications, 8-80 mL for preparative scale, and ending at 800-8000 mL for pilot and/or industrial manufacturing. The different geometry of CIM® tubes and CIMmultus™ Disposable columns demanded development of an elaborate housing design, which forces the liquid to flow in a radial direction.


Figure: Radial flow of CIM® tubes

Axial versus radial flow CIM monoliths means: same technology, different geometry.

The resolution and scalability of radial CIM® monoliths equal that of an axial one. The reason behind is the convective flow channels; they make chromatographic performance of CIM® monoliths flow-independent and allow for a significant upgrade in linear velocity due to the monolithic cylinder thickness. Thus you can rely on:

  • Excellent separation power
  • Same performance across all scales and flow rates
  • Exceptional chemical stability

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