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Application of Semi-Industrial Monolithic Columns for Downstream Processing of Clotting Factor IX

K. Branović, A. Buchacher, M. Barut, A. Štrancar, D. Josić

Journal of Chromatography B, 790 (2003) 175–182

It has been shown in a previous study that monolithic columns can be used for downstream processing of different concentrates of clotting factor IX [K. Branović et al., J. Chromatogr. A 903 (2000) 21]. This paper demonstrates that such supports are useful tools also at an early stage of the purification process of factor IX from human plasma. Starting with the eluate after solid-phase extraction with DEAE-Sephadex, the use of monolithic columns has allowed much better purification than that achieved with conventional anion-exchange supports. The period of time required for separation is also much reduced. In up-scaling experiments, separations are carried out with 8, 80 and 500 ml columns. A volume of 1830 ml of DEAE-Sephadex eluate, containing a total of 27.6 g of protein and 48.500 IU of factor IX is applied to the 500 ml monolithic column. This corresponds to a separation on a pilot scale. The results of this separation after up-scaling are comparable to those obtained with the 8 ml column on a laboratory scale.

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