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Study of Dynamic Adsorption Behavior of Large-Size Protein-Bearing Particles

I. V. Kalashnikova, N. D. Ivanova, T. G. Evseeva, A. Yu. Menshikova, E. G. Vlakh, T. B. Tennikova

Journal of Chromatography A, 1144 (2007) 40–47(2007) 40–47

The subject of this paper is an investigation of the peculiarities of dynamic adsorption behavior of nanoparticles. For this purpose, virus-mimicking synthetic particles bearing different proteins at their outer surface were specially constructed using two approaches, e.g. the cross-linking of proteins and modification of polystyrene microsphere surface by proteins. Two chromatographic modes, namely ion-exchange and affinity liquid chromatography on ultra-short monolithic columns [Convective Interaction Media (CIM) DEAE and CIM QA disks] have been used as a tool for dynamic adsorption experiments. Such parameters as maximum adsorption capacity and its dependence on applied flow rate were established and compared with those obtained for individual proteins. Similarly to individual proteins, it was shown that the maximum of adsorption capacity was not changed at different flow rates. In addition, the permeability of porous space of used monolithic sorbents appeared to be sufficient for efficient separation of large particles and quite similar to the well-studied process applied for individual proteins.

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