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Monolithic ion exchange chromatographic methods for virus purification

H. M. Oksanen, A. Domanska, D. H. Bamford
Virology Volume 434, Issue 2, 20 December 2012

We report anion exchange chromatographic purification method powerful for preparation of virus particles with ultra pure quality. The technology is based on large pore size monolithic anion exchangers, quaternary amine (QA) and diethylaminoethyl (DEAE). These were applied to membrane-containing icosahedral bacteriophage PRD1, which bound specifically to both matrices. Virus particles eluted from the columns retained the ir infectivity, and were homogenous with high specific infectivity. The yields of infectious particles were up to 80%. Purified particles were recovered at high concentrations, approximately 5mg/ml, sufficient for virological, biochemical and structural analyses. We also tested the applicability of the monolithic anion exchange purification on a filamentous bacteriophage phi 05_2302. Monolithic ion exchange chromatography is easily scalable and can be combined with other preparative virus purification methods.

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